When I meet with business owners today, most of them are very interested in podcasting services and getting in the podcasting game yet most have no clue where to start. I started my first podcast in 2016, Brand Forward Business Conversations with Cole Evans. The concept was simple, reach out to movers and shakers inContinue reading “Podcasting”

Social Media for Small Business

LINKEDIN Most businesses should be active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, at least. Yes, you should pay attention to Tiki Tok and Snapchat if your demographic is actively on that channel. It’s all about attention. LinkedIn is focused more on professionals, gaining employment and directly connecting with decision makers in the business community. I’ve utilizedContinue reading “Social Media for Small Business”

Video Storytelling

Back in the day, video production was expensive, you would definitely have to know someone in the video world and then have a few thousand dollars to invest – just to get started. Today, you don’t need any of that. You do, although, need a plan, intent and expectations when it comes to video. RememberContinue reading “Video Storytelling”


People like to look at pictures, a lot. The second most visited page on most websites, is the team page. We, as a society, spend hours every day looking at pictures on social media or checking emails with images on them. Photos play an important role when building your brand and telling your story. Consumers,Continue reading “Photography”