I have found that over the years, it truly does not matter how large the organization is, how many people work there, if they just started or are 40 years old – there is always a need to review email marketing.

On average, we received 12 emails a month, that we really don’t need – but we keep reading the content because we like the brand, the mission and we just can’t find the time to ‘unsubscribe’. What this means to most businesses is that if you provide value to your email subscribers , if you consistently tell them something they were not aware of ‘show them behind the curtain’ of your business (Wizard of Oz reference, btw) you will find that they will stick with you – they will open your emails and engage with them time is right.

My clients usually have the following points of concern with email

  • low engagement
  • everyone gets everything
  • no measurement in place
  • out of site / out of mind
  • they’ve always sent a ‘newsletter’

I always use the example of Banana Republic. Aside from liking their clothes, I find their email marketing / data to be very buttoned up. My wife and I both shop at BR and they communicate to us differently. I bought a sports coat a few months back and they last few pieces of marketing they’ve sent to me have all been about suits, more sport coats and crazy discounts to complete my wardrobe. They used the data they have on me, to communicate to me. While this may seem over-simplified, it’s not.

I had a client a couple of years ago that has a service business with thousands of customers. They came to people’s homes and businesses to provide a service each month / quarter, depending in their package. What my client was not doing, is using their very large email list to tell the stories of the ‘other’ services they provide. Everyone was getting everything – in this case it was nothing. They were not ‘segmenting’ their list and talking to people about ‘their’ service not attempting to upsell them on additional services – just like BR did for me.

If your company is experiencing low engagement with email or you’re if you’re still sending lengthy ‘newsletters’ and you’d like to see that change, email me – we can help your business use the data it has to better communicate to your customers.