People like to look at pictures, a lot. The second most visited page on most websites, is the team page. We, as a society, spend hours every day looking at pictures on social media or checking emails with images on them. Photos play an important role when building your brand and telling your story.

Consumers, for the most part, can see the difference in an image that was taken in 2017 as compared to 2020. Updating images for your business’s marketing channels is important to keeping people’s attention. Whether it’s the team’s images, behind the scenes, close ups of a machine that you use to create your widget – all of them need to be updated. Stock images have their place yet they should not be the sole visual of your company’s brand.

My clients would also tell you that I don’t call photos and videos by their name, I call them assets. They should be considered assets because you should invest in them and they should continue to bring your value and a return after certain timeframes.

Start by making your company’s shot list

  • headshots of every team member in the building
  • product shots for the top sellers on your shelves – then the others
  • up close shots of specific machines that do certain things
  • team photos
  • internal / external images of the workplace
  • photos of you working (in meetings, making your widget)

I like to use Lightroom and PS Express apps when I’m taking images and wanting to post them immediately. I also like to use Instagram and Snapchat to take the image, place the filter I want and then download it to use across other channels. In my opinion, it’s much more about the quality of the image than the quantity of images. If people don’t like what they see, they will not stay engaged and you will not be able to keep their attention.

Today, I use my iPhone (always the newest one for this exact reason), my Nikon D5000 and studio lights I grabbed on Amazon for $50. Always remember, lighting is your friend and it can make or break your image.