When I meet with business owners today, most of them are very interested in podcasting services and getting in the podcasting game yet most have no clue where to start.

I started my first podcast in 2016, Brand Forward Business Conversations with Cole Evans. The concept was simple, reach out to movers and shakers in the Nashville market or in business / entrepreneur news and see if I could get an interview with them. I wanted to be able to have leaders in the business community see me as a marketing leader, while getting them to talk about their business and I would handle all of the marketing and promotion of the podcast.

After 6 episodes we made it as one of the New and Noteworthy podcasts on iTunes, which listed Brand Forward amongst the top 400 in the world – which was so awesome in itself. I also ended each episode asking each interviewee what their morning, midday and evening media consumption looked like. Again a simple goal, while prospecting in the local market with companies that were (and are) still investing tens / hundreds of thousands of dollars into traditional media – I had 30 minute conversations with leaders across in the US and abroad that said they weren’t paying any attention to those channels. They were watching, reading and listening to what they wanted, when they wanted.

I was able to use the 20 episodes on Brand Forward, like I mentioned about photography and video, as assets. I invested time, money and energy and they are still paying off today. I earned the podcasting host contract for the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and we have another 2 podcasts in the works in 2020.

If you want to start podcasting, think about

  • what will your listeners gain from listening
  • how many episodes are you launching with
  • how many episodes do you plan on publishing (short / long term)
  • what does success look like after the episodes are complete
  • your strategy, execution and outline of each episode

The good news is if I can launch 20 episodes, you can too. I use a Yeti Microphone and iMovie to edit the audio. While practicing definitely helped me get the timing and editing down, I high recommend not (over) spending time in editing. I tell business owners today that listening to a podcast 5 years ago is different than today. If you heard background noise 5 years ago, you would probably say “ah, they didn’t have an editor”. Today they say, “wow, that’s authentic”.

Remember each episode can easily be promoted on each social media channel and email marketing and your website but it will take planning and intentional execution on your part. Posting audible episodes isn’t that difficult – keeping people coming back for more requires a plan.