Social Media for Small Business


Most businesses should be active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, at least. Yes, you should pay attention to Tiki Tok and Snapchat if your demographic is actively on that channel. It’s all about attention.

LinkedIn is focused more on professionals, gaining employment and directly connecting with decision makers in the business community. I’ve utilized LinkedIn to help grow my business for many years and the best part is, that’s the platform is still new to so many people. They might have an account but have never thought about using it as a story telling channel to promote their business / services. Today, it is just that.

Having a LinkedIn strategy for your company is important to reaching more people in and around your area. Making connections can sometimes present challenges. Whether you are new to the business community, moving to a new city or starting a new job in a large organization – you’ll find LinkedIn to be very helpful in connecting with new people. If you are starting a new business, providing a service or already have an existing business, you also find LinkedIn to be a channel that has great insight on ‘who’ is seeing your content and ‘where’ they work and ‘who’ else they are connected to.

Running a business and growing a team isn’t easy. LinkedIn can help you connect with new people and give you a channel to further tell your story.


While Instagram started out as pics of food and kittens, today it is much more. Instagram Stories allow users to posts photos / videos of what’s going on in their day, add hashtags of GIFs to make the creative pop a little more – and then it goes away in 24 hours (which was a cool feature they added after Snapchat launched). I recommend to my clients that Stories is where you have fun playing around with Instagram, learning all the cool ways to post and to tell stories. And it’s fun because you know in 24 hours it will be gone.

Stories, unlike posts, allow you to see ‘who’ has been ‘viewing’ your posts. I you are posting every now and then about random things then you probably have a different opinion that I do, when it comes to Instagram Stories. I see Stories as a data machine that allows you to see of the 500 people you are connected to – ‘who’ is always (consistently) watching your channel. Who is receiving your content. Are they watching everything you post or looking at the first couple of posts (in Stories) then clicking out. Remember, it’s all about engagement.

If you know who is actively watching your channel, it’s easier to expand your reach on other channels (like Facebook and Instagram) by direct messaging (DM) those watching and saying thank you for engaging and watching your content and then inviting them to connect with you on the other channels. When your posts are engaged by others on other channels – your posts are then opened up to many more people.


I find Facebook to be the channel that most people get lost in. I say lost because there is so much content and it literally never stops. The goal, like with the other channels, is to keep your attention and Facebook does just that.

I recommend to all small businesses to have a Facebook strategy as paid media. Yes, organic posts will help you yet with the reach of FB, it’s important for businesses to take full advantage of their advertising platform. Whether it’s FB or another channel, you can rest assured that digital media will start costing much more than it ever has. Marketers over the last decades have seen this ship turning very slowly – now it has turned and consumers’ attention has caught up with the reality of ad dollars. Digital dollars has just surpassed traditional ad spends and that means it’s time your budget did the same.

If your marketing budget has more allocation to TV, radio or print media than you do for social media – you are going to lose customers and potentially share of business in your area. While 15 years ago some markets were still getting accustomed to streaming radio, in the next 15 years, consumers will speak out loud in their home or on their device and the product will be delivered to their home within hours. Just the same, consumers will search for services and products for their businesses too. “Alexa, What marketing agencies are in Nashville?”, “Siri, I need help with Facebook Ads.”

Your business needs a social media strategy that is documented, that can change, that’s actually being executed and that is being measured on a regular basis. Businesses that have content strategies that include social media, reach more people, grow more customers and gain market share, where those that don’t – don’t.