Back in the day, video production was expensive, you would definitely have to know someone in the video world and then have a few thousand dollars to invest – just to get started. Today, you don’t need any of that. You do, although, need a plan, intent and expectations when it comes to video.

Remember YouTube is owned by Google and it is the #1 search engine in our country. While you may have zero videos today; with the correct strategy and execution plan, your company can start appearing in searches, where you haven’t before and start gaining new customers.

Populating your YouTube channel does a couple of things

  • helps your company show up in organic searches
  • allows your company to target with keywords
  • helps you consistently build your brand
  • allows customers to see what your company is all about
  • opens the viewer up to more information about your company’s products / services

Think about how you search. You look up ‘how to unclog your garbage disposal’ and you find an array of articles but you need to watch a video. You click on the video link to see all the videos and there are a few videos from a local person. After watching the video, you figure out how to easily click the button and crank the bottom part to make everything work again. Then you click on that business’s channel to see what else they have – at that point you have opened up the viewer to more information about your company.

Taking full advantage of every opportunity to market your business, tell your story and allow people to see behind the curtain of your operations, will enable you to grow you customer base and your brand.

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